a new cwtchy blog ...


With New Year resolutions ringing in the ears we are setting out to try and keep a blog of all things happening at cwtch over 2015. Always loved the idea but convinced myself I am too busy cooking bacon/steaming milk to make it happen. However, with our new kiosk bringing a bit of calm to the madness of building a cafe under a tent each day this is no longer a decent excuse.

We will try and make it a good 'with cup of coffee' read and not just about which new cake we have on that week (although I am sure there will be some shameless self promotion through the year). I am hoping to get everyone here at CWTCH to contribute something to the blog.

A few things to look out for over the year:

  • A possible, potential, currently rather vague, exciting new chapter in the CWTCH memoirs 
  • Our 2015 breakfast tour - we take our tent, cooker and espresso machine on a walk about
  • New drinks being added to our menus for the summer
  • And next week - our visit to Mozzo - our roasters in Hampshire, as we embark on getting everyone at CWTCH SCAE certified and fully coffee'd up.

Well thats the start I promised to make - now to try and keep it up for the whole year long!!

Thanks for all the support.

Pete from CWTCH