Coffee Countdown - the full list ...

As you may know, we have been recently running a social media campaign where we prepare a coffee a certain traditional way for different countries.

So you can see what we have in store we have shared the ingredients /process with you below and we would love it if you could join in on the fun!

If you are adventurous enough to create one of these drinks at home, please take a picture tag @cwtchoyr and #cwtchcountrycoffee ,with your name, what day/drink it is and you will win a free coffee the next time you come into the kiosk!

After the 24th of December the competition shall close.

The recipes should be followed step by step in numerical order - good luck!!


Day One: America Cafe Breve

1) 1 Double Espresso

2) 200ml semi skimmed milk mixed with double cream, steamed

0.5 Parts Milk Froth

Day Two: America Cafe Tobio

1) 1 Part Espresso

2) 1 Part Filter coffee

(equal parts)

Day Three: Italy Espresso Romano

1) 1 Double Espresso

2) 1 Slice of Lemon! ( maybe add a bit of zest too)

Day Four: Spain Cafe Con Miel

1) 1 Tbsp of honey

2) 1 Double Espresso

3) 200ml Steamed Milk

Cinnamon on top

Day Five: Portugal Mazagran

1) 1 Double Espresso

2) 200ml Cold Water

3) 2 Ice Cubes

4) Lemon Juice

Day Six: Germany Eiskaffee

1) 1.5 Tbsp Instant Coffee mixed with hot water

2) 2 Scoops of Ice Cream

3) Whipped Cream and Chocolate Chips

Day Seven: Germany Pharisaer

1) 1 Long Black (200ml)

2) 2 Shots of Rum

3) 1 Tsp of brown sugar

4) Whipped Cream

Day Eight: Austria Wiener Melange

1) 1 Double Espresso

2) 1 Egg Yolk (!)

3) 2 Tsp of brown sugar

4) Whipped Cream

Day Nine: Austria Vienna Coffee

1) 1 Double Espresso

2) Whipped Cream

Day Ten: Vietnam Ca Phe Sua Da

1) 15g ground coffee

2) 2 Tbsp of condensed milk

3) 160ml boiling water

4) Ice Cubes

Day Eleven: Hong Kong Yuanyang

1) 100ml Black Coffee

2) 100ml Black Tea

3) 2 Tbsp Condensed Milk

Day Twelve: Mexico Cafe de Olla

1) 1 Tbsp ground coffee

2) 1.5 Tbsp brown sugar

3) 200ml hot water

4) 1 Cinnamon Stick

Day Thirteen: Senegal Cafe Touba

1) 12g Ground Coffee with hot water

2) 1 Teaspoon of Sugar

3) Black Pepper

Day Fourteen: India Indian Filter Coffee

1) 2 Tsp of ground coffee

2) 175ml Hot Water

3) 100ml Steamed milk

4) 1 Tsp Sugar

Day Fourteen: Turkey Turkish Coffee

1) 12g Ground Coffee

2) 200ml Water

3) 1 Cardamom Pod

Day Fifteen: Malaysia Kopi Susu Panas

1) 2 Tbsp Condensed Milk

2) 12g of ground coffee(with hot water)

Day Sixteen: Ireland Irish Coffee

1) 1 Long Black (200ml)

2) 2 Shots of Irish Whiskey

3) 1 Tbsp of brown sugar

4) Whipped Cream

Day Seventeen: Germany Latte Macchiato

1) 200ml Frothed milk

2) 1 Double Espresso (pour the espresso on top of the milk)

Day Eighteen: Finland Kaffeost

1) Cut Cheese into small parts and place in the bottom of the cup

2) 250ml Americano poured on top

Each the cheese after with a spoon...

Day Nineteen: Spain Cafe Bombon

1) 1 Tbsp Condensed milk

2) 1 Double Espresso poured on top

Day Twenty: MoroccoCafe De epices

1) 13 g of ground coffee

2) Mix with ground seaseme seeds, black pepper and nutmeg.

3) Add 200ml hot water to brew

Day Twenty-one: Brazil Cafezinho

1) 200ml hot water with Sugar Syrup

2) Add 12g of Ground Coffee

3) Pour mixture through v60 filter

Day Twenty-two: France Cafe Au Lait

1) 1 Double Espresso (60ml)

2) 1 Part Steamed milk

(Should be equal parts)

Day Twenty-three: Argentina Cafe Lagrima

1) 200ml of steamed milk

2) A ‘Teardrop’ of coffee added.

Day Twenty-four: Vietnam Egg Coffee

1) Beat two egg yolks with half a teaspoon of condenced milk, honey and vanilla syrup

2) Pour into cup

3) Add Americano on top...