A little list of things and a half-baked promise ...

So ... blog writing has not had a very good run here over the last few weeks - I should be honest and say months really.

However, I find myself with a spare 45mins (so forgive spelling/grammar) and have set myself the task of putting together a little list of things, which have kept us from getting these things, down on virtual paper. Each of these things probably need their own blog at some point but here are the headlines:

We have launched a lunch menu at the kiosk. Same principle of free range / well sourced ingredients made to order but a bit less bacon and egg. We are taking things slowly to get it all right but will be growing this over the next few months so Wandsworth can get its hands on a decent meal when a hangover is just not an excuse to visit.

David and Joe entered their first latte art "smack down". Basically, lots of baristas in a room competing to draw the best pattern in espresso with micro foam (not easy when under the spot light). It is taken very seriously by some and pitted against the eventual winner in one heat, no trophy was brought back to HQ. However, they return as CWTCH heroes and live to fight another day - watch this space for more competitions in the future!!

We launched our new CWTCH app for testing. It helps you collect loyalty stamps, pay for coffee without a wallet and pre-order your coffee without needing to queue (or even be at the kiosk in fact). If you would like to help us test it out, have an iPhone 5 or higher and would like a free coffee let me know (comments or twitter etc) and I will get you a link sent over. Hopefully we will be ready to put it in the app store soon.

I DID not choose the cover photo!!

I DID not choose the cover photo!!

We also launched our new "Mr Whippy" style ice cream made with our own all natural recipe. It is a noisy process but the fresh churning makes it very very tasty (you can watch a short video on FB). Our own caramel and raspberry sauce tops it off. Now all we need is a bloody Summer!!

Food photographers probably not quaking it their boots ........

Food photographers probably not quaking it their boots ........


Joe and the team have spent the last couple of months developing a Cold Brew coffee - made by brewing our filter coffee in cold water over 15 hours. It's delicious and might not be what you expect after such a long brew time. They also managed to knock up a first class iced loose leaf tea too. All serving at a kiosk near you (thats is if you live/work in SW18, of course).

Oh, and some summer espresso drinks, new menu boards, visit to a couple of coffee festivals (Joe is away in Gothenburg as I write - expect a blog soon) and we wheeled out our 'good old' lever machine at the Furzedown Festival.

See what I mean by busy??

Oh yes, the half-baked promise ... I will make the second part of 2015 a far more bloggy affair!!

Have a great weekend!!