After years trading under a tent our custom built kiosk was installed June 2014.

Photos by NUOPTIK


In late 2006 Pete set out with a table, a-board and some umbrellas and starting selling yogurt, oats and juices outside Wandsworth town train station (see our Facebook for some pics).

Over the years he found some help and started to build a little kitchen each day, under a marquee cooking free range breakfast buns and crafting coffee from a makeshift trolley.

It got busy and pretty soon we came up with the plan to build a more permanent structure on site (building & dismantling a cafe each day was hard work). After lots of hypothetical hoop jumping and mountain climbing we launched our first CWTCH kiosk June 2014.

You may have noticed we have a strange name: CWTCH - as quite accidentally a few of us had Welsh connections and we really liked the word and what it meant. It can be a small cupboard but is mostly known as a comforting hug, and we try to give everyone a bit of a food / drink hug with each visit.

We set out each day to create simple and delicious food & drink for commuters, visitors and locals as they pass and have made friends with some great partners who supply us with some amazing produce. We have developed particular soft spot for all things coffee and if you visit you will see how much coffee kit we have managed to squeeze in to a small space. 



0208 811 8111


Wandsworth Town

Old York Road


SW18 1SU



M-F 06:30–14:30
Sa 07:00–15:00
Su 08:30–14:00